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Property Management

Whether your multi-unit development is office, industrial, retail or residential, with Falcondale Property as your property manager you can be confident that your management company is operating to a high standard and in accordance with current regulations and best practices.

We have developed a methodology over the years that ensures your management company will consistently benefit from high levels of service from us.

Our tried and
trusted approach

Our approach, developed over almost 30 years, is based on providing real value for money, being straight and transparent in our dealings and communicating regularly and effectively with our clients.

Collection of Fees and Debt Recovery

We have a dedicated accounts team exclusively focused on the collection of fees and arrears. Successful collection of fees guarantees the delivery of the services which improve the visual appeal of the development. This in turn boosts the satisfaction level of residents and owners, reducing the number of fee defaulters. For those who have not yet caught up, we have very effective early debt collection processes.

things done

We have invested in the development of bespoke systems for planning and operations that ensure we get the work done efficiently and effectively. Our clients enjoy a quick and helpful response.

Our Team

We are proud of the fact that our people stay with us for the long term which ensures continuity of service for you.

Our Systems

Our robust data management systems ensure that all the information about your property lives in one place, giving you a seamless experience.

Good Relationships

We recognise that in business good relationships are crucial. We work hard to achieve client relationships founded on trust and mutual respect. Taking the time to understand each client’s portfolio and objectives is a big part of this.

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